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What Problem Does The IRS Have With Me?

IRS Tax Problems for small business owners, individuals and familiesIt is not uncommon for those who are facing problems with the IRS to not actually know what that specific problem is. This presents an issue in itself, since it is difficult to prepare to defend against a problem with the IRS without knowing what tax dispute you will need to be defending in order to appropriately prepare. It also happens that as time passes, records may have been misplaced or damaged, or may not even have arrived at the IRS. And it’s sometimes the case where the IRS also loses track of some or all of your documents.

The IRS maintains a Master Report on each of us. For a flat fixed fee, as your tax attorney we can obtain the IRS master report and transcripts for your account, and prepare a comprehensive report for you outlining the issues that the IRS has with your account. As part of this service we provide easy to understand details informing  you of the initial cause of your  tax problem, and what the IRS views to be your  problem. The report will also include details on the extent of your tax liability, or what the IRS believes to be your tax liability. Additionally, we will outline the best options for you to resolve  your tax matter with the IRS.

One thing that holds true is that the longer we wait to understand and plan a resolution to problems with the IRS, the worse the problems will likely grow. This includes incurring additional fees and penalties, wage garnishments, bank levies, tax liens, and in some rare cases can lead to jail time. Therefore, we work with our clients to help them to understand their tax issues, the level of significance of the issues they are facing with the IRS, and what can be done to resolve their tax problems.