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Dealing with the IRS can be a daunting task, the office of Tax Attorney Ken Sheppard, Jr. is here to help you. The U.S. Tax Code is difficult to decipher and is constantly changing and updating.  Tax Attorney Ken Sheppard, Jr. works with clients to assess any issue that you may be facing the IRS for, and works to provide the solution that will work to your greatest benefit. Even if you are uncertain of what problems you may have with the Internal Revenue Service, we can investigate to see what issues the IRS may have with you or your business, and then seek resolution to these issues.



The IRS utilizes tax audits to determine if you properly reported your income, deductions, exemptions, and credits in your income tax filing. They may request you to provide supporting records in person, on the phone, or by mail in order to prove that your filing is correct.

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Tax Appeals

If you disagree with a decision made by the IRS, you have the right to appeal its findings. This appeals process is set up to provide taxpayers an avenue to challenge incorrect or unfair decisions or processes used by the IRS. Common appeals include decisions made in an IRS tax examination (audit), liens, levies, seizures, penalties, interest, installment agreement denial or termination, and rejection of an offer in compromise.

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Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment (or wage levy, as it is also called) forces your employer to withhold part of your paycheck and turn that amount over to the federal government for the purpose of paying off your tax debt. While wage garnishments are continuous in nature, if a wage garnishment has been levied against you by the IRS, there are ways in which it can be stopped without quitting your job.

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Bank Levy

The IRS can levy against other property you may own such as retirement accounts, accounts receivables, rental income, and of course bank accounts. For bank accounts, once the bank is notified of the levy, it is required to place all funds on hold for 21 days. After the 21 day period ends, the bank is then required to turnover funds from that bank account to the IRS. During this 21 day period it is crucial to takes steps to resolve the tax problem with the IRS. And it is also important to have that tax resolution in writing to use as evidence in future dealings with the IRS.

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Tax Liens

An IRS federal tax lien is a claim against a taxpayer's real and/or personal property, which is used as collateral to pay for the federal tax debt. The IRS wants to ensure that the federal tax debt is paid by the taxpayer and it will seek to secure payment from any source it can find.  This federal tax lien will show on the credit reports of the taxpayer and can negatively affect the taxpayer's ability to secure financing for a house, car, etc.

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Delinquent Tax Returns

If you have one or additional years of non-filed tax returns, an experienced IRS tax attorney at Sheppard Law Offices can help you arrange a settlement with the Internal Revenue Service.  Without negotiating a settlement, you will be responsible for all penalties associated with your non-filed income tax returns.

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Injured Spousal Relief

If you file a joint return, your refund may be subject to collection activities against your spouse. This typically occurs under circumstances where your spouse has unpaid tax debts, federal student loans in collection status, or owes back child support payments.

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Innocent Spousal Relief

You may wish to seek innocent spousal relief if you filed a joint income tax return which has an understatement of tax due to erroneous items of your spouse, that you were unaware of at the time of filing the tax return.

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Statute of Limitations

There are statutes of limitations that apply to U.S. Tax Code and its enforcement by the IRS. Some of the more frequent concerns faced by taxpayers are how long they have to file to claim a refund from the IRS from prior years income tax returns, and when a tax debt assessed by the IRS expires.

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Payroll Tax Issues

The IRS imposes stringent penalties on businesses that fail to collect, report, or deposit payroll taxes. These penalties start on day one that the filing or deposit is late, therefore it is in the best interest of the business owner to resolve any late payment issues as soon as possible. In some case the taxing authority may even refer the responsible party for criminal prosecution.

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Criminal Tax Defense

If you or your business is being investigated by the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation section or currently being charged with tax evasion, tax fraud,or other criminal offenses related to the IRS and your federal taxes, it is important to talk to an experienced tax attorney today.

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