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Stopping Federal Tax Liens


An IRS federal tax lien is a claim against a taxpayer's real and/or personal property, which is used as collateral to pay for the federal tax debt. The IRS wants to ensure that the federal tax debt is paid by the taxpayer and it will seek to secure payment from any source it can find.  This federal tax lien will show on the credit reports of the taxpayer and can negatively affect the taxpayer's ability to secure financing for a house, car, etc.


IRS Tax Lien Filing

If you owe the Internal Revenue Service back taxes and have made no effort to pay your debt, the IRS can file a federal tax lien against your real or personal property.  An IRS tax lien establishes the right of the federal government to seize and sell your assets in the event that you cannot or will not pay your tax liability.  The IRS will usually seek alternative methods of collection before filing a lien.


One of the IRS' motivations for filing a lien is to protect the federal government’s interest against other potential creditors.  In other words:  the IRS uses liens to ensure that their ability to collect takes precedence over everyone else's.  If you have unfiled tax returns or have received notice from the IRS that they are filing a lien against your assets, you should seek back tax help from a tax relief attorney, such as Kenneth Sheppard, immediately.


Preventing a Tax Lien

The tax lien may be prevented by making payment in full to the IRS prior to the lien being filed. Since making payment in full may not be financially feasible, some other options may be explored including setting up an installment agreement or negotiating an Offer in Compromise. If you are at risk of a tax lien being filed it is important to consult a tax attorney in order to assess your situation and seek the best method for your circumstances to avoid the lien from being filed.


Tax Liens and Bankruptcy

While many governmental liens are not avoidable through filing bankruptcy, certain tax debts may be discharged in a bankruptcy. There are specific rules which will may allow for some of these debts to qualify to be discharged through a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Since the core practice areas of Sheppard Law Offices are Tax Law and Debt Relief, attorney Ken Sheppard, Jr understands IRS tax code as well as federal bankruptcy rules in order to seek the best possible option for his clients.


Tax Lien vs. Tax Levy

Whereas a tax lien is a claim that the Internal Revenue Service uses to secure payment of a tax debt, a tax levy actually takes property or wages to satisfy that debt.  A lien essentially lays the groundwork for an IRS tax levy, which is why an IRS debt attorney will advise you to take immediate action if you receive notice of a lien.


Should the IRS escalate their efforts to collect on your debt, the following are examples of assets that may be seized:


    Real estate

    Retirement Accounts


    Checking and Savings Accounts

    Rental Income


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