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Tax Planning for Individuals and Joint Filers


We work with individuals and couples filing jointly to develop clear understanding of what items they are able to claim on their taxes and the amount that may be claimed. Additionally we help them select the appropriate withholding in order to best support their lifestyle, while not underpaying or paying too much withholding tax to the IRS.


Income Tax Deductions

We assist individual income tax filers in planning and understanding the items they can claim on their personal taxes. Some examples include: real estate, vehicle sales tax, property tax on vehicles, mortgage insurance, tax preparation fees, medical expenses, job-related expenses, job search expenses, educational expenses, first home buyer, etc.


Prior Years Returns

Did you know that you have three years from the time the original tax return was filed with the IRS to claim a refund for overpayment on a prior years taxes. We review prior year tax returns to help taxpayers claim refunds under the 3 yr rule.


Individual Exemptions Withholding Tax

While it is important to pay enough withholding tax to the IRS to avoid underpayment penalties, it is also a financially sound idea not to pay too much withholding tax. If you are paying too much withholding tax, appropriately adjusting your Form W-4 with your employer will mean a smaller tax refund from the IRS, but it will also mean larger paychecks throughout the year.




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