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Appeal a Decision Made by the IRS


If you disagree with a decision made by the IRS, you have the right to appeal its findings. This appeals process is set up to provide taxpayers an avenue to challenge incorrect or unfair decisions or processes used by the IRS. Common appeals include decisions made in an IRS tax examination (audit), liens, levies, seizures, penalties, interest, installment agreement denial or termination, and rejection of an offer in compromise.


Filing an Appeal to IRS Findings of Back Taxes Owed

In the event that the IRS finds you in default of taxes owed or finds that you filed inaccurate returns, you may be assessed penalties and informed of the IRS' intent to collect back taxes.  At that time, you may be eligible to file for an IRS Tax Appeal.  In order to start the appeals process, your tax relief attorney will submit a formal protest letter and request a copy of the IRS auditor’s file.  The protest letter will state that you disagree with the IRS' findings and will provide facts in support of your position.


Legal Representation for an IRS Appeal

While it is not a requirement, it is a very good idea to be represented by a tax lawyer when going through the appeals process. The tax attorney will review your case and determine the best avenue to proceed in order to give you the best chance an winning your appeal to the decision of the IRS. Protect your rights by being represented by a tax attorney who understands your situation, and the IRS tax code, and will fight on your behalf.


If you have received documentation from the IRS informing you of your rights during the IRS Appeals process, you should act quickly to obtain legal tax representation.  Contact Tax Attorney Kenneth Sheppard for a free consultation today at 1-877-505-9455.

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