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IRS Tax 3 Year Refund and 10 Year Collection Rules


There are statutes of limitations that apply to U.S. Tax Code and its enforcement by the IRS. Some of the more frequent concerns faced by taxpayers are how long they have to file to claim a refund from the IRS from prior years income tax returns, and when a tax debt assessed by the IRS expires.


Three Year Tax Refund Claim Rule

In order for a taxpayer to claim a refund from prior years tax return overpayment, the claim must be filed within 3 years of the time the original tax return was filed with the IRS or within 2 years of the time you paid the tax to the IRS. The Tax Attorney and income tax preparation service at Sheppard Law Offices helps taxpayers within the 3 year rule to claim a refund from the federal government.


Ten Year Collection of Assessed Taxes Rule

The IRS has a statute of limitations for taxes assessed which limits the length of time they have to collect. The IRS can attempt to collect a tax debt for a period of ten years from the date it assesses the tax. As the Collection Status Expiration Date approaches, the IRS often takes even more aggressive action to get the tax debt collected or to get the taxpayer to agree to extend the deadline. If you have a tax debt and are nearing the expiration date, you should consult a qualified tax attorney prior to making any agreements with the IRS in order to protect your interests.



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