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Federal Tax Levies and Wage Garnishments


A wage garnishment (or wage levy, as it is also called) forces your employer to withhold part of your paycheck and turn that amount over to the federal government for the purpose of paying off your tax debt.  Wage garnishments are continuous in nature, which means they last until your tax debt is satisfied, you lose or quit your job, or you reach a negotiated agreement with the IRS.


Stopping a Wage Garnishment

If a wage garnishment has been levied against you by the IRS, it can be stopped. While full payment of the debt to the IRS may not be financially possible, there are additional methods to end the wage garnishment that don't involve quitting your job. Tax attorney Ken Sheppard, Jr. can review some of the options which may be available such as setting up a tax payment plan, negotiating an offer in compromise with the IRS, or filing bankruptcy.


Appealing a Wage Garnishment

An IRS wage garnishment may be successfully appealed if the Internal Revenue Service failed to properly follow its procedures in assessing the tax levy. At Sheppard Law Offices, we have helped many of our clients appeal tax levies through requesting Collection Due Process hearings with the Office of Appeals.  Here are some of the grounds upon which we can help you win an appeal of your tax levy:


    The IRS assessed your tax and sent the notice of levy during your bankruptcy proceedings

    The IRS made a procedural error during the assessment of your taxes

    The statute of limitations expired prior to the IRS sending the notice of levy

    You were not afforded an opportunity to dispute your assessed liability

    You have made a request to discuss collection options



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